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MIkulov castle

The most visible and perhaps most famous Mikulov dominator was originally a royal, later Liechtenstein castle. In 1575 the castle passed into the power of the Ditrichstein. After the devastating fire in 1945, it was reconstructed into its present form, which inherently belongs to the castle park - a place created for peaceful, undisturbed walks.

Saint hill

If we come to the city from the south or the east, we will have a beautiful view of the towering hill with white rocks, the slopes partially covered by the woods, with the white pilgrimage church Sv. Sebestian, the bell tower, and other buildings of the cross on the top. The historical beauty of the city is rarely in accord with the work of nature.

Goat´s castle

It is one of the three rocky dominants of Mikulov. On the Kozim hill, situated behind the saddle against access to the castle, a two-storey artillery tower with a gallery was built in the 15th century, broken mainly on the 1st floor of the springs. From here we can look at the entire city complex, from which radiates a strange atmosphere full of romance and magic


Pálava, one of the most beautiful places in the Czech Republic. Diverse nature, spring mosaics of blooming steppes or vineyards, all this awaits you in this wonderful region. You can also visit medieval castles, Věstonice Venus or nearby Aqualand Moravia.


Visit the landmark of South Moravia, visit the Lednice-Valtice area. The romantic atmosphere of the majestic castles combined with the glittering surface of the ponds and the perfectly arranged flowers. You will also visit the Hunting Lodge, John's Castle, Apollo's Temple or the Three Graces.

Hotel Templ
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