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1. Spring Pheasant's Eye

Price: 2690 Kč/night

2. Ringbell of Thanos

Price: 1850 Kč/night

3. Cosa Nostra

Price: 1850 Kč/night

4. Burg of burglund

Price: 1950 Kč/night

5. La oliver

Price: 1950 Kč/night

6. Whitestripes

Price: 1950 Kč/night

7. Peach

Price: 1950 Kč/night

8. Common Caffinch

Price: 1750 Kč/night

9. Irish

Price: 1750 Kč/night

10. Falcon

Price: 1750 Kč/night

11. Cuckoo

Price: 1750 Kč/night

12. Eurasian blue

Price: 1750 Kč/night

13. Carduelis

Price: 1490 Kč/night

14. Bubo

Price: 1750 Kč/night

15. Eurasian jay

Price: 1950 Kč/night

16. Kingfisher

Price: 1950 Kč/night

17. Phoenix

Price: 1950 Kč/night

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Special wine

We have a wide offer wines, especially from local wine cellars.


Try excellent Moravian wine

or discover beauty of Mikulov

Room list

The Templ Hotel can cosily accommodate up to 46 guests in 17 rooms with 12 extra beds. 7 rooms including suites are in the main building and 10 rooms are situated in the adjacent Art Nouveau building. The comfortable rooms are tastefully decorated and offer a peaceful and friendly atmosphere.

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Wifi for free

Acces to the internet available in Hotel area .


Air-conditioned rooms

Higher standard of rooms includes efficient and modern air conditioning. Included in price.


Comfortable parking

Free parking is included behind the gates or under security cameras.


10% discount

To Aqualand Moravia on request for accommodated guests.

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The Hotel Templ is located in a complex of three historic buildings.  In the main part, in the renaissance house, you will find stylish rooms, reception, restaurant, templ hall and wine cellar. Second building is in the Art Nouveau style, called Garden. In the second building you will find stylish rooms and outdoor swimming pool.

More about Templ

Hotel Templ
Husova 305/50, Mikulov, Czech Republic

Reservation for accommodation:
(Opening hours: 9:00-16:00)
+420 724 161 336,

Gabriela Shromáždilová - Hotel manager
+420 725 117 521

Billing information:
Bonum Templum s.r.o.
Husova 305/50
692 01 Mikulov
IČ: 269 05 418, DIČ: CZ 269 05 418
Spis. zn: Zapsána u Krajského obchodního
v Brně v oddílu C, vložka 4437

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